Thursday, December 20, 2012


    This is tech era and we are living in environment where anything in real life has some information online. It doesn't matter whether it’s all about. Just like that Android is also available online. You can get any type of app of your choice from Android store.
There are number of sites that support android apps and working great. Below are few sites that I found very useful for both developers and users.

Google Play

Google play is the largest and the most visited website for Android Mobiles over internet. It is owned and run by Google. It contains almost more than 700k apps available for download. You can only download these apps to your mobile phone. All the Android bases OS have built-in feature of Google play. It’s very easy to download and install these apps on Android phone. Many of the apps are free to use but some apps are of premium type and require money to buy them.

Android Tapp

Android Tapp is considered to be the best android market place where news and resources, Android apps reviews, apps ranking are displayed. You will like each and everything of Android Tapp.
Check out the video and hardware page of this site. It contains awesome collection. It also announces the best app of the week that depends on user rating, reviews, popularity and feedback score of that app.

Android Zoom

Android Zoom is second most visited site by me through my android device. After Play store it has huge data base. It contains almost 20k new android apps. These apps are updated after every hour. New apps are added per day. It includes reviews and ratings. These are also shown on Android device. It has have screenshots of every application. You can download your apps on your device directly or via QR code.
Android design guide
This site is best for developers. Developers must visit this site before developing any app. It has guide which will give you best ideas to develop an app. This guide covers each and everything from color scheme to the use of new action bar and almost all the downloadable resources for developing an app.

Android and Me

“Android and Me” is another great website that covers news and software. Like other it also has unique page that tells any visitor for new apps, news and most suitable app for your device. It also has page for beginners where they guide you in proper way. Rating of different apps is also mentioned on this website.


The largest community site for developers on the web: If you are facing any problem in developing your android app just mention it in post. People love to help you out. Before posting, you can check if that problem has been pre-discussed. There are thousands of posts available for any new designer.

Android Community

This is another site for both developers and users. It is community website that contains topics with related to each Android device. It also contains hacks, software list compiled by users and rating and review. You can participate in your own way. Anyone can add discussion topic and give comments and views on that specific topic.

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