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Real Racing 2 – The Most Authentic Racing Experience On A Mobile Device [iPhone]

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Real Racing 2 – The Most Authentic Racing Experience On A Mobile Device [iPhone]
December 13, 2012
By Dave LeClair

Sometimes, a video game is able to blow you away with visuals. Generally speaking, I am not a gamer who gets too caught up in visuals. I am far more concerned with how the game plays than how it looks. However, every so often, a game offers visuals that are so impressive that it actually outshines the gameplay. Of course, a game needs to have fun mechanics in order to keep you coming back for more, but great visuals can most certainly draw you in.
Real Racing 2 is an example of a game with visuals that are so good you cannot help but want to play it. On top of that, it is a lot of fun, with some of the most realistic racing mechanics you can find in any video game. The fact that is played on the iPhone is even more insane. It rivals any console racing game, but you can take it with you anywhere you go.
If you are looking for a racing game that is more than just a simple arcade racer, Real Racing 2 is a game you need to have installed on your device.
In Real Racing 2, you get some of the most realistic car action you can find on a mobile device. In fact, sometimes it is hard to believe that you are actually playing the game on an iPhone. The cars have a real sense of the weight and handling that you typically only find in games like Forza and Gran Turismo. It includes 30 licensed cars that are meticulously crafted to look and feel just like their real-world counterparts.

The controls are fantastic. You can choose from a number of different control options that give you more or less control over the car, depending on how authentic you want the game to feel. You can also tweak the level of driving assists. If you want to feel like you are driving a real, high-performance car, turn them all off. If you prefer a more arcadey feel, leave them on and just enjoy the ride.

Real Racing 2 features plenty of modes to keep things fun and exciting. It comes with online multiplayer so you can challenge friends and random players around the world. Racing against real players is always more satisfying, and Real Racing 2 offers some quality multiplayer to go along with its quality driving mechanics.
Audio & Visual
As I mentioned in the intro, Real Racing 2 looks amazing. It comes equipped with some of the best visuals you will ever see in an iPhone game. The team at Firemint have found a way to optimize the capabilities of the device and push it to its absolute limit in terms of graphical fidelity. Sometimes, I actually forget that I am playing a game on my iPhone while inside Real Racing 2; it looks that good.

A nice touch in the visuals is seen in the cockpit view. When you slow down to go around a corner, or after you bump another car, you actually see the driver reach down and shift gears. It’s a small touch that helps keep the game feeling authentic.

The game sounds almost as good as it looks. The music is fitting for the game without being overpowering. The cars sound authentic and help increase the immersed feel. Upshifting and downshifting sounds like you would expect it to, and it gives you a sense of speed with the engine noise matching the speed of the car.

Real Racing 2 is on the App Store for $4.99, and it is worth every penny. It features a career mode that is over ten hours long, plenty of options for quick play sessions and robust multiplayer suit that will keep gamers coming back for a long time.
If you want a high quality racing game on iOS, Real Racing 2 is the game for you. It has stunning visuals, quality sound, and lots of gameplay to keep you entertained. It is one of the best games available on the App Store, and it’s one every iOS gamer should have installed on their devices.

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