Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to boost computer speed with Pen drive. | clicktechonce

How to boost computer speed with Pen drive. | clicktechonce

Every computer user concentrate on high speed processing on their computer.But unfortunately our computer systems fails to provide such a high speed.Computer speed is mainly based on the RAM will operates in slow mode,because of shortage in RAM memory.We can upgrade RAM (Random access memory) using a new RAM chip.But it may cost high compare to our daily using Pen drives.Yes we can increase the amount of RAM memory using our Pen drive as a temporary memory device.

Here your Pen drive acts as a virtual or temporary memory device for your computer.We can convert this virtual memory as a RAM memory.Afterwards computer utilizes this pen drive memory as a RAM memory and computer speed will increases.

How to do this...?

1.First insert your pen drive to computer.

2.Then format your Pen drive using FAT32 or NTFS format.I suggest FAT 32 format.

3.Then Right click and Go to properties.

4.In properties go to Ready boost.

5.Then tick the option use this device and set the memory how much you need.In 2GB pen drive 1803MB is a standard measure.

6.Then everything is setup and then just click apply and you will see a popup window like below.Then automatically your system will gets more speed than before.

If you have any doubt about increased speed you can check your windows experience index by re checking its score.In my own PC its increased by 0.2 %.If you have any problem comment below and let me solve it.

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